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The Tour du Péloponnèse (TdP) Annual full week event that combines prestige, elegance & exclusivity for classic car owners who want to explore Peloponnese.

It is the biggest event of its kind in Greece in terms of duration and distance covered. Participants have the opportunity to navigate through well maintained, meandering routes visiting some of the most historic places and sites in the world! We invite you to discover elements of our philosophy of life by following us in our private guided tours in archaeological sites, visits in the best Greek wineries and by enjoying luxurious hospitality and the famous Greek cuisine.

Max Teams
Tot Kilometers
Special Stages

Raise your adrenaline!

If you love classic cars and life, you just found what you were looking for! Hence, we combine each destination with competitive (regularity) challenges throughout the whole sportive venture!

Stay Tuned !

This year TdP will have 21 special stages including the notorious night stage, with 50 timings on a distance of 1000 kilometers in total.

Our main goal is to keep the spirit of TdP, so we will only accept 70 teams maximum, in order to offer the very best of our services to Participants from all over the world.

TdP 2022 Regulations

We are now focused on giving an advantage to older cars. Following this guideline we are accepting cars up to 1985. Cars up to 1961 get a special entry discount.

Best female crew, smallest CC car and oldest car get a special trophy during the prize giving ceremony on saturday 9th october.

Entry Form

Please download the entry form from the link below, fill it in and send it to us via mail


Triskelion is a Motorsport Club, member of the Hellenic Federation of Motorsport. It's a brotherhood of passionate volunteers with the purpose of organizing Classic Cars events, respecting cars, drivers safety and fairplay.

25th Karpetopoulou Street

Argos 212 00, Argolis, GR - +30 693 669 0320

info@triskelion.gr | www.triskelion.gr

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This event is possible thanks to the involvement of our sponsors.

A classic cars regularity event created and organized byTriskelion F NEG


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